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A message from our founder & owner.

As a mom of 2 young princesses our lives and passions revolve around fairytales and happily ever after. My children have inspired me to follow my dreams of spreading magic and wonderment to others in my community with Fair Maidens and Masks.

Sometimes it is hard to trust that you will get the quality you expect from other character companies. At Fair Maidens and Masks we believe that whichever character you invite to your party should be believable! Our commitment is to exceed all expectations; to deliver a higher standard of quality people can trust.

Experience Quality

When selecting a character company for your next party or event, choose one that stands for quality, authenticity, safety and service. Choose Fair Maidens & Masks!


No dime store costumes with us! Our exacting standards mean we are committed to bring you the very best costumes, wigs and accessories. We invest in quality and hand-craftmanship to guarantee an authentic and impressive representation of the classic characters we love. Our seamstresses and wig mistresses ensure each character looks his/her best for each event.


At Fair Maidens & Masks we don’t just cast anyone. Only the finest actors, singers and child rearing professionals make the cut. Performers go through a rigorous audition and training process to ensure adherence to strict standards. They are required to research their character for deep understanding and it is our policy that they stay in character from beginning to end. These standards ensure our princesses and superheroes come to life for you!


At Fair Maidens & Masks we understand that your family’s safety is your #1 concern, so we have made that ours as well! We run background checks on all our cast members so you can have peace of mind. Our services are licensed and insured unlike most other character providers. We even go the extra mile by only using FDA compliant face paint, nail polish and make-up at your event. These details matter to us, because they matter to you!


Our mission is your total satisfaction. Our customers appreciate the easy and secure booking process. Our character performers are professionals who will work hand in hand with you to ensure that your event goes smoothly and that you and your guests have the very best experience. You can rely on Fair Maidens & Masks for your event!